Thursday, April 05, 2007

Almost Like Friday

Alone again. All the company is gone, the dinner dishes are done and for some reason, I'm tired. It would have been a nap day for me but I had to go to town for a couple of errands. I just got home and the cats are treating me like I've been gone a month rather than a couple of hours.

I pre-posted a week of cats on my daily photoblog, Shutterchance. I didn't want my visiting interupted and it's easy to pre-post. Anyway, these cat posts have been very popular. Today so far, Kenz having a bath has had 54 views. My average would probably be around 25. Kind of cool, n'est pas?

Mas Que Nada is an old song from Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66. It would have popular in the mid 60's. A couple of versions have modernized the song and I've been including them on playlists for a couple of years. One is from the Black Eyed Peas and The other by Al Jarreau. They are on Page Two today.

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