Sunday, April 01, 2007

Napping With Martin Sexton

Funny Looking Kenz

The nap I went for yesterday didn't happen but one found me today. Wonderful, wonderful!! There is nothing like a nap on a weekend afternoon. A lot of the time women feel guilty when they're not being busy and useful. Somehow we can let go of that on a weekend and feel we deserve it. Some may choose to "sleep in" instead of the nap but it's all the same. Oh well, one small step in fighting woman's guilt disease.

The universe has it's way, you know. After writing Friday's post featuring a song by Martin Sexton, I got curious about what he was up to. I'll send you here to find out yourself. Anyway, Martin has an album being released on Tuesday. How is that for timing?!

The site has a music player installed and also allows some downloads. I have to sample these two songs for you that I got there. Time (no, not since Friday) has not lessened my admiration for Martin Sexton. He is very, very talented and truly has the most unique style! These songs are from a live show and are really great!! So check out these songs and and his website and if you live nearer a record store than I do, buy a cd from a fantasticly talented musician. Here is Where Did I Go Wrong and Beast In Me.

I could never have a music blog where you discriptively write about the musician, band or songs. I'm not a descriptive kind of writer but I know good music. Martin Sexton is good music whether the universe is telling me to say this or not.


Ocean said...

the email came back because it said you were over your quota...delete some old mail and i will send it again. love ya

Cuidado said...

It means your e-mail was two big. Put it in two parts.

Jesse said...

Ma, think you can lend me the rest of what I will be getting back for income tax? I can sign the cheque over to you when I get it, but I dont have enough money to pay rent this month. I have my landlord waiting to deposit the rent cheque, so I need to know as soon as possible.
Let me know,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
Hola from Dominican Republic. I actually messaged you two days ago. At the end, K screamed 'I have to poop'! I pressed send and ran off, but I forgot to put in the password/symbol - so i guess it didn't take.

We are having a great time. The weather has been fantastic all (second) week so far. Hopefully it keeps up.

Everyone is having a lot of fun. We definitely picked the right place.

Love A.

Urban Gypsy said...

Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog and I have a random favor to ask you. Could you please repost the Peter Mulvey track OUT HERE from a few days ago? I have been looking everywhere for it as the album "Deep Blue" is out of print where I am. Or email it to me? My email is If I could trade you, or pay you back by reading your blog everyday forever, I would. I would really appreciate it, you have no idea how long I've been looking for this track.
Thanks a million!

Cuidado said...

Here it is:

I'll email it as well.

Cuidado said...

A,S, K & S,
Glad the weather is great. Im assuming the sleeping worked itself out and there's lots of sun on your faces and sand on your feet. Have loads of fun.

Cuidado said...

I'll talk to you on the phone.