Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gone Walk About

Well I'm down to one more sleep. I'm mostly packed, most of my visits are taken care of, my phone call list is getting down to the last few....Alf answer your phone, and the cat food is topped up. All ready!

The first part of the trip will be filled with laughter. I never have as much fun as when I'm visiting my favorite aunt and uncle. They're the music lovers and they think I'm funny. I then visit another aunt. Everything becomes more serious with her and I really enjoy that too. She thinks I'm a genius. After that, I cross the province and visit with my son's family with two little grandchildren awaiting. Very exciting!!!

There are 568 songs between Page One and Page Two in the links to listen to until I'm back. I uploaded a couple of songs onto Page Two last night to provide links to something other than this blog. Give them a listen. One is an African song, Baisabi, by Ziomara Fortuna. The other is Fortune by Emma Pollock.

For today more travelling songs....Think Twice Before You Go by John Lee Hooker and Bye Bye (The Peter Gunn Theme) by Sarah Vaughan. Remember, visit the music pages. Bye Bye.

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