Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catching Up

I took a day off yesterday because I have company. We've been keeping busy and I truly had no time. She brought some work out with her so we're giving out jaws a rest and working on our own things. Above is the first pussy willows I've seen. We went walking yesterday and today but my friend finds it a bit cold. She's a city mouse, I alway tease. We're having a very nice time but do wish it were a bit warmer.

We're going to be dancing later so here's some dancing music for everybody. I've always got lots of music to share. Here's The Holmes Brothers with Close The Door that would be country-folk and Mash it Funky by DJ BC. If you like James Brown that's one for you.

We have another friend coming out tomorrow and that will be fun too. We're having great food, wonderful conversations and most importantly, a million laughs. I may be too busy again tomorrow so, visit the music pages if you've not had time to listen. Usually there's always some catching up to do.

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