Friday, April 13, 2007

From Blue to White

Another weekend - another snowfall. I said yesterday ten centimeters was expected. That has been changed to twenty-five. Could that be because it's Friday the thirteenth? When the snow started this morning it was quite heavy but has eased up. Shovelling ahead.....

Yesterday I was Miss Fitness. I walked one of Charlottetown's boardwalks, had lunch, walked the other boardwalk, then walked about a half kilometer on a paved, riverside walk. The temperature was very warm and I was overdressed. I need that happy medium or to have my car stocked with more outerware choices.

I'm spending the afternoon making cd's for an upcoming trip. I always bring musical presents. My aunt who I will be visiting told me that it's freezing there today. It's hard packing for a trip this time of year. When I was in Ontario at this time last year, it was much more springlike. My grandson got a sunburn one day while we were out playing. Here's a photo of that day. It is my most popular photo on Shutterchance. You can see the sun in his face. Ha! When I went to get the link, I found this photo has moved to second place in popularity there.

Music: My aunt and uncle are jazz and latin music lovers. I already have a couple of versions of S'wonderful up on Page One and here's one more for Page Two. I love this Sun Ra version. This song starts the cd I'm now making because of that one line, "S'wonderful, s'marvelous, that you should care for me". My aunt and uncle really do "care for me". Please Send Me Someone To Love by Red Garland form Red Garland's Piano is another song they'll like.


Bevson said...

Hi Cuidado,

I got your note. I do love music. I have a MAC and an Ipod. Let me tell you that Ipod changed my life. I have over 6,000 songs on it. I took the Ipod with me to Baku last year and made lots of friends through the music.

I like your choices. Keep up the good work. I am going to link to your blog from mine.


Cuidado said...


chateau said...

I love your photos, Ciudado. And you have an adorable grandson too!
Thanks for the visit last week. :)

Cuidado said...

Thanks Chateau. Hope you had a great time on your vacation.