Friday, April 06, 2007

Be Safe

A music blog I routinely read, The Late Greats, is having a special day today with forty-five songs up for a listen or download. Amazing!! I manage two a day and a couple more on special occasions. The blogger, Duke of Straw, is very prolific. His site has a music player so you can just start it up and listen to the songs he has up. I'm listening now.

I had been thinking about getting a music player for quite some time but they cost a monthly fee. I gave up the idea though because I'm being forced to upgrade my daily photoblog right now, which has a monthly fee. I actually get comments and feedback on my photos and very little from the music. Basically my kids comment here and occasionally someone else. The smart thing says spend the money on the Shutterchance blog.

My daughter is leaving for a vacation this afternoon. One son is coming back from one today and one son is studying for his final, final exams at university. Busy, busy bunch! I was visiting with my grandchildren last Easter and they are traveling from the Dominican Republic today so are on my mind. That's the reason I am putting this photo for the second time. Of course, I'm also doing the time-honoured grandmother's job of showing pictures of her grandchildren.

Music today is for the vacationing parts of the family. Enjoy Yourself is the best wish I can have for you. It will be harder for my son as he's travelling with two small children. The kids would probably like this version by Tod Snider and the old one by Louis Prima might make them laugh.


Angelika said...

So cute! :-)

jesse said...

Where is Oce vacationing to?

Cuidado said...

She went to Rocky Mountain House to visit friends of her boyfriend....a three hour drive.