Thursday, April 12, 2007

Early and Getting The Worm

Another early post as I will be out at the normal blogging time. I'm going to take my walk in Charlottetown today. There is a lovely boardwalk around the waterfront that is really busy during the noon hour with lots of office walkers walking during their lunch break. I'm joining them today. I'll be sure to bring gloves today after yesterday's disappointment.

The grackles are back today. Each day from now on will bring new birds. A friend mentioned the return of the red-wing black birds at her house. I still haven't seen any males but have a few females. Strange.

We are expecting ten cm. of snow tomorrow; nothing outrageous and it will add much needed moisture to our dry land. Yes, we have to think positively about it because otherwise it could really get to you when you love to be out in the gardens like I do.

I haven't played any Joni Mitchell in a while. Chinese Cafe was an immediate favorite from her album, Wild Things Run Fast. It is also on the Hits album. I have them both, Wild Things Run Fast on vinyl and Hits on CD. For The Roses was an album I had on eight track and vinyl. I still have the vinyl but the eight track is long gone. One of my favorits songs from that album was Electricity. Here it is, just for you, on Page Two.


Anonymous said...

Where was the picture taken?
I'm thinking about a half mile before your place.But I have been known to be wrong before..


Cuidado said...

Orwell from the Highway, at the big curve.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alf - sometimes you are even wrong about being wrong.