Monday, April 09, 2007

Bird and Song

The most amazing thing just happened. I was watching Oprah and I heard a bird hit my kitchen window. I finished watching the segment, went out to the kitchen and saw this little nuthatch sitting on the rail with it's beak open and it's head at an odd angle. It's not the first time this has happened. I knew to just leave it be and hope that a hawk was not nearby. Sure enough, it flew off in about five minutes. A headache is probably in this birds future today.

Today's walk was interesting. The snow that fell was quite heavy so when the plows went by, the heavy snow they threw knocked down road signs. There were some beautiful drifts and it was a landscape not seen all winter. Certainly it was our biggest storm of the year.

The spring birds have arrived back from their southern vacation. Robins and starlings are devouring the apples in my back yard where there is no snow. With all the wind I have a lot of bare areas as well as, at the most, three foot drifts. Below is a photo though it's not that good. There are lots of these areas and I have maybe seventy or eighty birds at a time. I have a female red-wing blackbird as well though the males usually come back first.

I have two versions of a song to compare for your musical pleasure today. I've had this Lila Downs version of Cancion Mixteca for years and love it. I play it a lot! I recently came across this version by Ry Cooder. It is very different than Lila's and I really like it too. It is more of a lullaby and Lila's is about as far away from a lullaby as you can get. Just noticed the songs on Page Two have reached fifty. Long ways to go for five hundred.


Ocean said...

Cute little bird, hope he didn't die!! It rained here today and it is supposed to snow over night, I just want it to be nice...

Cuidado said...

I saw a nuthatch at the feeder a while later. Not sure if it was this one but since it was able to fly off, it is prob. fine.

I just want it to be nice too. I had to get the driveway plowed. Yuck!

M said...

Found your blog while clicking the ever-amusing "next blog" and LOVE your photo of the nuthatch. Continuing my browsing now, but just wanted to say thanks. :)