Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A blog when you can day. My guest is having a bath in the old, claw footed, deep tub. I have a couple more people coming to a dinner party tonight, so I'll be busy this afternoon. I'm having a wonderful ham with scallopped potatoes and candied sweet potatoes that will all be cooked in the oven and a salad that I made last night and potato salad that my house guest brought with her. Yum, yum, yum. I know how to excite my kids!

We're having so much fun but you can really tell our ages in that we have all the fun we can yet we're in bed early. This house has hosted a lot of my friends and relatives over time and a song today reminds me of that. Ony Then Will Your House Be Blessed by Harry Manx is something to give me a message once in a while. Good Girls by Merry Clayton is the other selection today. Talkin' bout those good girls at my house, the one that's blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
Yep the sleeping is working well.
K gets up around 530 every morning, and watches a movie on my laptop for an hour. So. gets up around 7. We have breakfast and then go to the beach (beautiful today!). So naps from 11-2. We beach or pool for the afternoon, and they go to bed at 7. S and I are usually asleep by 9:30 :)

Them sleeping in the same room is working much better thqan i would have thought.

K misses his bed and his Leapfrog toy and his friends, he says :)

We leave on Saturday.

Ocean said...

You sure do have a lot of dinner parties!! I haven't even talked to you this week.

Cuidado said...

A, call me after you get home.

O, I will call you tonight.