Monday, April 16, 2007

I Saw Crocuses

Oprah is my favorite TV show but today and tomorrow the subject is Don Imus, American hip hop culture, journalism and the like. Not my cup of tea so an early blog post. Yesterday's was late.

My youngest son is home and his hug sure felt good! He's finished University and only has to go back for graduation at the end of May. It's cool that we will all be together for the occasion and it's not a wedding or a funeral. It's a big day!

We are having a really nice dinner tonight to celebrate his being home. Mom's cooking...... He's already been out to the pond with the fishing rod, trying to catch his Mama some fish. Lots of catches but kept losing the fish. I think he had too small a hook.

I finally finished burning all the cd's. I have four for my son and his wife and six for my aunt and uncle. I think they're pretty good. I know my aunt and uncle will like theirs for sure.

Melissa McLelland is a Canadian singer new to me but I like her singing. I'll link her website but I couldn't get very far into it, probably because I use Firefox. Here is her myspace page and a couple of songs, Passenger 24 and Factory.


Anonymous said...

What food did you make J?

Cuidado said...

Roast pork....J's choice.