Saturday, April 14, 2007

Music To Go

You won't hear me say this often but I've had enough music for a bit. Of course, I say that but have music playing while I type. I've steadily been burning cd's since yesterday. Each one takes hours as they have to be just right, flowing corrrectly from one to another. I have more to do but will wait till tonight or Monday.

The photo today is the same spot as two days ago, just a few minutes earlier. Sunset on water is always pretty.

Our storm fizzled and we got only about five centimeters in the end....not bad at all seeing as it is all absorbed already. Spring has sprung, snow or not.

Some latin leanings is what I've chosen for music today. Muy Fifi by Ry Cooder is one I always add to my dance playlists. It's so catchy and seems to stay with you. Tropicalia by Eliane Elias is wonderful jazz sung in English but with a latin feel.


J. said...

Hey there,
You posted a comment on "Music is Art," for the Vonnegut post. are from PEI! What a small world (so am I).

Nice to meet you, "neighbor!"

Strange circumstances, though...

Cuidado said...

Come again, J. There's lots of music and always photos of the isle.