Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Music Stats and Wildlife

Blogging early today as I have appointments in town and won't be back till night. I'm on my way outside to do more shovelling. I had my driveway snowblown but have to shovel around the car. Come on spring!!!!

In addition to the robins and starlings in the back yard a flock of about thirty cedar waxwings arrived this morning. The apples will get eaten up for sure.

Last night I finally got to see the raccoon that has been raiding my bird feeder every couple of nights. He ran away when I went outside to get a photo but came back so this photo is taken through the kitchen window. You can tell spring is here because there is lots of wildlife around. I have more than my usual pair of mallards, at least two. Herons are now in residence as well.

I'm going to forego music stats from now on. There is not a lot of activity on Page One anymore since I've started Page Two. More songs have received no hits than songs have been played. Whoever likes Don't Lie still has it bookmarked though, because it got an additional 188 hits. It has now received 1576 plays.

Dayna Kurtz is someone I've discovered in the last year. I like her slow ballads. She does some of her own songs and some covers. This version of Duke Ellington's I've Got It Bad is fabulous. She shares vocals on this song with Norah Jones. A lot of people like Norah Jones but I like Dayna's voice better myself. Just personal taste.

Ane Brun is new to me as well. I haven't had any time to research her but I have a couple of her slow ballads. Here is Song No 6 from Ane Brun.


Ocean said...

I can't believe Don't lie has been played so much. Did you like American Idol tonight?? I know there was a song you really like.

Cuidado said...

Besame Mucho! He didn't do too bad a job either. I think someone has Don't Lie bookmarked and likes and plays it a lot. Have a good day, Sweetie.

Ocean said...

yeah i didn't think it was too bad either but i can't believe he is still in the running.

Anonymous said...

I had to look it up... Colin James has an amazing song that I htink is called Don't Lie or Don't Lie to Me. I thought that was the song you meant...