Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Surprise For You

I lost 13 good photos today. I had just taken a couple with the macro setting and didn't turn the setting off. There were tons of cedar waxwings and robins on the ground and in the apple trees. I walked closer and closer, taking photos and the birds weren't getting spooked. It was great. Kenz ran by, went straight up a tree and fifty birds take flight. I had the macro setting on and lost every one, and all that I took after I was back on the deck, taking pictures of Kenz and chickadees. Drats!

The last couple of days have been glorious with warm, melting weather. I didn't walk for that long today because I didn't take gloves. It seemed nice when I was in the yard but out in the air and walking quickly, my hands got cold. We are expecting snow again on Friday.

I haven't thought too much about music because I've just had a bit of a computer crisis since I've started writing. I need a computer geek friend that I can have come over for an hour. I've just called my neice. She helped me somewhat but she has to see the screen. Anyway, something quick for music. I'm expecting company. Surprise links might be the answer. Door Number One, Door Number Two and Door Number Three.

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