Sunday, April 15, 2007

Baaaak Home

I just got home from another Charlottetown walk and a lovely leg of lamb dinner with friends. Our walk this afternoon was pretty cool. We were on a Charlottetown section of the PEI trail system that has been made on the site of the former railroad tracks across the Island.

The above photo is quite curious to me. Click to enlarge because it's hard to see all the birds in the size above. The photo shows a wet spot in a field that birds are flocking to. There are several pairs of ducks in the marshy area as well as some gulls. I'm not sure if they're planning to nest there but after spring it seems like a spot that would dry up. We noticed it before we got to it because we were watching a pair of ducks walking through this field. Finally we saw their destination.

I love music with a good beat and I love it more when it is provided by a one man band like Martin Sexton who I sampled about a week ago or from Harry Manx who I had up a couple of weeks ago. Here's some more from Harry. I have a couple of songs that I've loved for decades and collect versions of. One is Help Me. I have one other version on Page One. Harry Manx does a fabulous job of this old song. He puts his own percussive and soulful spin on it and it deserves a listen. Baby Please Don't Go is another old blues song that he does a great job on. I have three other versions of this song on Page One. Here's a Wikipedia article on Harry Manx. I saw him at a folk festival in 2002 and have been a fan since. Here's a link to his official site. He's an interesting man and a great musician.

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