Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birds On a Wire

I switched over to the new blogger beta. The only difference I see is the ability to tag or lable posts. I'm not sure what drag and drop features they have. I always drag and drop my link. Ha...the only day I didn't, I got it wrong...com instead of .ca.

We are expecting warmer and warmer temperatures over the next few days with a high of twenty possible for Friday. Is that fantastic or what! Winter could take a vacation this year as far as I'm concerned. It's hard to get out walking in the snowstorms or deep freezes we so often get. Would like a couple of snowshoeing days though.

Trivia tonight. We still have a pitcher of beer from two weeks ago cause we forgot about it the first part of the evening. We are most likely going to be part of the Brainwaves again so will be Brainskis once again.

Music: My brother sent this song today thinking it would be good to post. Well it is when you've been talking about trivia. Games People Play by Joe South is an oldie but goody. Some music from a Leonard Cohen tribute....Tonight Will Be Fine By Teddy Thompson. I have a lot of the cuts from this....love the Leonard!

Link: All things Leonard Cohen. Really a lot of stuff to look through.

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