Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who Do You See?

Went to visit a friend today. His crystal ball is rigged up so that there is a face in it. Cool, eh? Got some other photos of it as well. I'll go a mile (or 50 km) for a photo challenge. A Leather-Bound Book was the subject in this week. This is my entry.

Came third at trivia last night with a large mixed team. We inherited one guy who had 12 show up for his team. We came third last night, Saturday and last Tuesday. Awful position, third times three!

Saturday, my start-back day for work is looming so near. Six days of hard work a week is so daunting right now.

Music: Reasons Why (trying to figure out that third times three) by Nickle Creek with it's lovely harmonies is first and the lovely song, Caledonia by Mary Black is second simply because I drove through Caledonia this morning.

I've already given two links this post. Enough, don't you think?

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