Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's four o'clock and I've had to turn on the light. Dark comes earlier and it's been overcast and has started to rain. I had a nice afternoon with company. My friend smokes so we spent a lot of time outdoors which was both brisk and crisp. It is ten months today since I quit smoking. I still don't mind people smoking around me. It doesn't tempt me. I'm pretty sure I have it beat. I still get a bit edgy at times and I know a cdigarette would take that feeling away. Those are my hardest times...those edgy feelings and knowing how easy it would be to take them away.

Music: Nervous Tic by Andrew Bird and Nicotine by Ani DeFranco.

Link: I may have linked this when I wrote a post about Van a while back but not since I started putting a daily link up. YouTube fans already know how to find these things but here are some videos of live Van Morrison. These are all put up by one person and there are many more by other people. I could watch them for hours.


Jesse said...

Good work Mom!!

Anonymous said...

And no Chipman Smoking or party smoking this time.
Great job.
Keep it up.
I am so proud of you and LOVE you.