Monday, November 13, 2006

Mixing It Up

My Granddaughter

Opening up today, I see they want everyone to sign over to the new beta version of Blogger. I think I'll wait a few days. I need some geek help. My geek friend moved to Calgary a few weeks before my daughter. He probably has a phone and I can find his number but he's not into blogging.

Having a rather lazy day. I'd forgotten that today was a government holiday and had planned to do some work/work. Most places are closed because of Remembrance Day falling on a Saturday. Retail stores were closed on Saturday so must be open today.

I did prune one of my trees today that has an insect. I found out yesterday that my blue spruce has a pine borer. The tree has had problems since it came to grow here and I thought it was doing better but now this insect has damaged it further. Hopefully it will recover.

Music: It's been nice to listen to some male vocalists. I've been listening to so many females in the past ten days making the five cd's for the Women's Festival. I have Mose Allison, Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey together in one folder because they are influences on one another, have all played together and are similar to my ears. I have songs from them all on the music page and am playing that folder right now. Here's one singing about the other....Greg Brown doing Mose Allison Played Here.

Yesterday the CBC had a special on Bob Dylan or as I say to my oldest son, The Bob. Three guests sang his praises and each picked their musical choice for the show. The last one picked Not Dark Yet which is one of my top three Dylan songs. I love Dylan, you know I do, but Greg Brown's version is even better in my opinion. I already have this up so am linking it here. Gives me an extra song to post today so from the same folder here is a short one, Everybody's Crying Mercy by Mose Allison.

Link: I've been following the first Painting a Day Blogger for the last couple of years. He is listed on the side. Many have followed in his footsteps and there is what I guess you would call an aggregator listing several sites that feature A Painting a Day. I check it every day in my blogroll then check out individual paintings. Enjoy, if you like paintings. If you can afford to buy them, enjoy them even more.

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