Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blue Skies

Still trying to get all my music onto disc. I'm up to the I's and just finished Irma Thomas. I think I probably should have an external hard drive instead of all this work. I need a computer friend to manage that however, so for now it's burn and burn.

No walk today. A brisk north wind and temperatures of 2 Celcius will keep walkers and runners in unless they're super dedicated, which I am not.

The new beta Blogger is working out rather well other than the complicated signing in sessions that have to be used EACH TIME you want to blog. As a whole it seems to be quicker for uploading the photo and for final publishing.

A piece of news on the radio all day is a woman warning everyone to store potting soil outdoors because it can catch fire spontaneously. The fire marshall agrees and says it is because of the fertilizer in potting soil. I have some indoors so will be moving it out to the barn at least. Interesting!

Music today: Word of the passing of old blues singer, Ruth Brown. Here she is in Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean. One burned today is Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's live version of Skinny Woman.

For a link here are two pages featuring artist's Rene Magritte and Willem de Kooning.

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