Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Again

I don't want this wonderful weather to end!!! It won't be so easy to take the glorious walks to the beach if it is colder, windier or full of snow. Each walk this week has been one hour twenty minutes with about fifteen minutes cooling down on the beach. I feel so good when I get home and would like it to continue. Work begins again in one week so it would great to have the upcoming week be nice enough to get an endorphin store.

The house smells great with ribs slow-cooking for a girl's night tomorrow. I'm having left over roast beef for supper but now I want ribs. I'm doing a vegetable dish for a gathering I'm attending on Sunday. That will be the end of my socializing till after Christmas with the heavy work schedule coming up......back to six days a week.

Music today: Sand by Damien Rice for the beach theme the last few days and one that's not related to the theme at all but a great song if you like world music is Mamadiyel by Daby Balde. It's definitely African and had African percussion but great fiddling that is not African makes this a very interesting song, in my opinion.

Fifteen Strange Coincidences is interesting as well.


Anonymous said...

Is this picture just before the beach?


Cuidado said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
I forgot to tell you on the phone yesterday that I missed The Bob the other day on CBC. The main problm was that S and I don't know what station local CBC is :) Thanks for letting me know though..

I am listening to the Waifs in the car these days. Yep - still don't like'em!!

K asked to talk to you twice yesterday. He is a weird little boy on the phone...

Later. A.