Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Monday Already

With 4.5 Celcius, we're back to late fall temperatures. There is even talk of flurries around midnight. I won't stay awake to check. Still planning the walks but it won't be as pleasant.

Just got a phone call about someone finding a cat. I'll be checking it out in a few minutes. I've given up hope but still follow all leads....just in case. Clarkie!!!!!!

The American Thanksgiving celebration was wonderful with twenty-two around the huge table. There were two turkeys, a ham and everything to go with them. The desserts were to die for and after eating them we all felt that to die for might not just be an expression. Everyone was really stuffed and happy, full of good cheer and family and friendship.....wonderful indeed!

Music today: Giver by Patrick Watson and Get Up Stand Up by John Lee Hooker and Richie Havens.

For a link, something fun for a Monday, The Indian Shankar Drum Machine.


Jesse said...


Cuidado said...

No luck, J. It wasn't him.

Anonymous said...

Too bad - I was excited!!! Awesome pic Mom.


Ocean said...

I love the picture too! I wish Clarkie was home, maybe we need to get you a new Clarke for Christmas!