Monday, November 06, 2006


You knew I'd have a bird picture up today. The cats are enthralled with the birdfeeders. They usually sleep away most of the day but were on window duty all morning.

The endorphens were roiling through my body after my walk today. I think the faster I go, the more that are released. It could be all in the head but the smile on my face is welcome no matter the source. Yesterday I didn't make it to the beach but had a two hour dance workout. That will make your endorphens smile too.

I had a meeting scheduled here for ten this morning. The person couldn't make it but didn't bother to call till quarter to twelve. That pisses me off more than almost anything. My time wasn't my own all morning and the person who neglected to call just doesn't recognize the importance of that.

Still working on playlists for the Festival. Respect Yourself by The Staple Singers is on one you can be assured and is on the music page today. Bloody Motherfucking Asshole is a strong sentiment to the person who didn't call beforehand to cancel the meeting but as a song by Martha Wainwright, it's a great choice.

For a link: On 09 October, the link was Rules For Being Human. Today, Guidelines For Cats. I'm not sure if my cats have read this but they certainly follow many of the guidelines listed.


Jesse said...

Oh where were you meeting Ocean this morning? I made sure my phone was on me all day because she told me she would call me yesterday. She never did and still hasn't so I know the feeling. Your map link from yesterday was pretty cool. :)

Cuidado said...

I'm not sure where you got that I was meeting with her. It was a work meeting. Yes, that map page is good. It may even come in handy for something in school.

A. said...

Ha Jesse! I like your sense of humour!

Jesse said...

I got the idea of it being Ocean because it sounds just like her. On the weekend of Jenn's wedding I needed a ride back to Dads to pick up my bike. Jared was leaving your house but Ocean said that she could take me down in "one second" as soon as she was off the phone. Once Jared left, Ocean talked on the phone for about 15 more minutes, had to change, brush her teeth, clean the kitchen (including washing dishes), pick up corn from coopers as well and pick up Jennifer. I have also waited in a car on many times because she had to stop in at a friends house and pick something up which she always promises to be quick. Once I waited for a full hour.
Ocean is the definition for not showing respect to other peoples time and having them wait for her. That is why I said your meeting must have been with her.
I still love her, but its true.