Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fire and Ice

This is the collage of the school house fire I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.
It looks very hot.

Very heavy frost overnight last night. It didn't get above zero till about ten am.
I took this photo at 9:23. It looks very cold.

I'm very excited to be going to see some live music tomorrow night. A couple of musicians are playing at the Confederation Center Theater, a nice, soft seat venue. I saw one of them, JP Cormier there in February during the ECMA's. The other, blues guy Matt Andersen, we tried and tried to get in to see at that time but he was always sold out. Speaking of February and live music, I found out last night that Van is playing in Calgary on the 27th of February. I called my daughter immediately but for some reason she's not as excited as I would be. She is suggesting that I come visit her at that time. I just might.

I had my walk today but had several stops so didn't really get a long cardio session happening. It is quite nice, warm and sunny after the cold night with the heavy frost. The Island beauty will release endorphins even if your walk is not so fast or prolonged so I'm feeling pretty sweet.

Music: One of the many live versions of Moondance by Van Morrison is always in order. Today's photos are of fire and ice. I have no such song but I do have Fire and Rain by James Taylor, a great oldie, in my opinion.

For a link I have a great photographer who photographs Burning Man and sorts the photos into categories. I've always been extemely interested in Burning Man and would love to go sometime so I like this site. I have the photo a day page of the official Burning Man site on my blogroll so visit it every day. Those photos are from many photographers. Today's is very cool.


Anonymous said...

The Van concert you took me to, was one of the best shows I have ever been to. It was awesome! -A

Cuidado said...

Great except for the terrible seats.

The word verification I had to type in ends with vf. I think it means van fan.