Sunday, November 05, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy

This morning I found my prescription glasses that have been lost over six months. What a relief! When something like that is lost it's always a little bit present in the back of your mind. I've now freed up some space in those packed file cabinets up there. I'm not really a worrier because I learned long ago that worrying truly is a waste of time and emotion but the lost glasses have kind of been nagging at me.

Today's music can see to that with I Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Away by bluesy, Merry Clayton and Dylan's song, I Shall be Released covered live by Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan and Phish.

I have a friend coming for dinner. I should be out picking apples for a dessert of some kind but it is cold and so much easier to stay indoors. What I really should do is leave a note on the door and walk to the beach. I don't worry much but I sure have my share of feeling guilty of things like procrastination or laziness.

An exciting thing today, I am cleaning the cobwebs off the birdfeeders and filling them. I wasn't able to feed the birds after Clarke came to live here. The girls will be very happy to get to watch birds again and the birds will have their old feeding station back.

The link today: A mapping system that I found a while ago that lets you see the world in different categories than just geography. It is a very, very interesting site.

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A. said...

that map site is reallyinteresting. I looked at it or 20 mins...