Saturday, November 04, 2006


Just got back from a drive in the country. My camera batteries ran out after one photo of my friend's dog so got no photos of the leafless landscape. It was very pretty today with a very low ceiling of big fluffy clouds.

Still laughing thinking of the really fun Women's Fest meeting last night. The committee consists of parts of two generations of organizers. Our "second generation" is known for having more fun than sense at out meetings. A member of the "first generation" is a professional facilitator and she had quite a time keeping us under control.......but we sure had a great time. Less than a week now till the event. It's going to be wonderful. I have to do some playlists and make a few phone calls to performers and my part will be done. I'll sit back and enjoy after that.

Music: Part of the celebration next week will include a tribute to women from the community who have passed on. To the Fallen by Ruthie Foster makes me think of remembrance. We are using another song but this one would be appropriate too. Since I'm working on an upbeat
playlist and this is playing right now and remembrance is the theme, Thinking of You by Sister Sledge will do.

Link: All things or a lot of things, anyway, Bob Dylan.

Blogger was down for most of the day. I lost my post earlier. It's a pain, pain, pain, I tell you.

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