Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Of course, last night was fun. The photo above is a member of our combined team (no one from ours showed up) wearing his costume and a hat from our witchy team. I tried to show you but blogger is screwing up, that he came as Casey from Mister Dressup, who all Canadians know and love. Trivia was very hard and we had a pretty low score but came second. With the time change, it felt like after midnight when I got home and I actually slept till quarter to seven this morning.

It's November, statistically the month when most deaths occur. I've lost several people in November, including my grandfather when I was 18. Here in northern North America, you can understand why. The weather is windy and unforgivingly so. One memory is of my oldest son playing tenor sax during an outdoor Remembrance Day Service. During the band's piece, even though they'd all, realizing the state of the weather, clipped their sheet music down, a piece of sheet music flew off a stand and plastered itself across my son's face. It stayed there for several long moments till the wind let it go.....until the next gust.

Music: Just a couple of selections I'm listening to at the moment from the playlist I made when I sat I do every day. Not part of any theme. Ritchie Havens doing a fine version of a great song, Streets of Philadelphia. Hard to choose between the two latin- jazz numbers up there but I'll go with Insensatez by Martirio and Jerry Gonzales.

The link: A weekly visit to the music blogroll is Jefitoblog. He does a regular Idiots Guide to......with an ever-changing cast. On January 31, 2006, he did Tom Waits. I saved it. Hmmm, perhaps I should be playing Tom Waits....and about a theme......oh heck, it's November already.


Jesse said...

Power went out in Halifax for some reason last night. I had an assignment due at 830, and I was planning on getting up at 7 to review it and print it off because I accidentally click no to saving it once I had made all the revisions. James and my roommate went on the brewery tour so he left his car in my driveway with the plan that I would pick him up at 815 or so.
Another roommate woke me up saying I needed to move the car so someone else could get out of the drive way. I asked what time it was and found out that it was 815 then. Had to print off my assignment and rush to class late. I got the paper passed in, but hopefully I will still do alright without completing the revision.
What a day.

Cuidado said...

Didn't your Mama tell you there'd be days like these?

A. said...

Ha - I remember that rememberance day!...