Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Already?

Finally the spell of being third is broken with a win at trivia last night. Yeah. We blew everyone else out of the water too with a very good score. It's about time.

Does anyone have any idea why Putfile requires you to hit next page so many times?

This will have to be my usual blogging time for the next while, not that I like it at this time of day. I prefer the afternoons.

My car's springs are to the limit with all the supplies I bought for work yesterday. The trunk, back seat, and front passenger seat are all stacked high. I had to refuse to give a friend a ride home last night because I couldn't possibly get him into the car. I don't have a small car and bought my Camry specifically for the size of the trunk.

Music for today: Mountain O' Things by the Duhks and Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall.

A link: Could come in handy during the Christmas season and for my kids who are fending for themselves. The Science of Cooking.


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Translate please.

Anonymous said...

LOL,Maybe telling you to buy a Ford.