Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For Da Birds

I'm feeling exceptionally lazy today and managed only the basic chores and a bit of outdoor work. With my normal high energy level it's perfectly ok to have a lazy day now and then. The cats were outside with me and were communing with the birds. It's so cool to have trained cats. I worked very hard on them the first couple of years and it's all paid off as I don't worry about them catching the birds that I've invited for supper.....the bird's supper, not the cats'.

Musical selections today are for the birds. This little Be Good Tanya's song, The Littlest Birds, became famous when it was featured in a Gap commercial. A Bird's Song by Ingrid Michaelson is a nice relaxing number, my kind of music today.

For a linkI've chosen Van der Woning Photography. He may be listed in my regular links, I'm not sure. He is a canadian photographer that I've had bookmarked for years because he takes really great photos of ducks. He has lots of categories other than "swimmers" so check him out.

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