Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yeah To Coffee

This is a photo of Inky, a friends huge fluffy black cat. Her eyes look very spooky in this photo.

I drink only one coffee a day but find it absolutely necessary to wake me up. I had to have fasting blood work taken and finally did it this morning. Phlebotomists aren't on duty till 7am and since I get up at 5:30, I'd kept putting it off. Anyway, I went in this morning and truly, without that cup of coffee, I'm hardly safe on the road. Twice I found I was way over the center line, kind of daydreaming, certainly not awake and alert. Caffeine is magic!

The temperature is eleven today and is going to be thirteen tomorrow. This is so fantastic, especially when the rest of Canada is having very cold weather and huge snowstorms.

Music: Please Wake Me Up and for the last day of this month, November, both by Tom Waits. Both songs have weird sound effects.

For a link, a very cool video about billiards and dominoes.

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