Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Titleless Today

My Boy and His Boy

We are going to have a couple of rainy days. Good excuse for holing up with playlists and lots of music to fill them. The dance ones take the longest because you have to dance them through to make sure they flow properly in the dance. Hard to explain but they take a LOT longer than regular listening cd's. We have an hour and a half segment where we are mingling, with free food and wine. We next have the wonderful cabaret and retrospective planned, then the dance.

We had three more team members show up last night and a loner from the team we played with the previous two weeks. Our team name is The MacADNskis and the other team is the Brain Waves. For the last two weeks we were the Brainskis. Last night we were MacAdnskiWave. Complicated but oh so much fun. We didn't place in the Remembrance Day/War trivia but had a great time catching up with our winter team members.

I'm listening to great music. Is that a surprise? I've been concentrating and working with women performers and I'll feature one. The other is from an old and true, from my point of view. Bob Dylan with a live version of Desolation Row for my son.....and grandson if he's sitting beside him. Lady Marmalade is an old 70's song by Patti LaBelle. I have that old version on album, tape and cd. Today shares a version by Christine Aguilara, Lil Kim, Mya and Pink. I have both on the dance playlists as they dance equally well.

Link: Was it yesterday that I linked to a photographer because I like his photos of ducks? I've had this photo bookmarked for a while. I've never explored the website any further than this photo but maybe I will now. Anyway I LOVE this duck photo.


A. said...

I had to read your title three times today before I read it right :)

Cuidado said...

No mastectomy, if that's what you were thinking.