Sunday, November 26, 2006

New and Old

There was ice in the pond and in puddles this week but the days have been warm and sunny over all. We have it luckier than the rest of Canada having not seen snow yet like in the Prairies and unlike the West Coast, we can drink out water.

The show at the Confed Center was very good on Friday night. Both musicians are known for their finger picking guitar work but are very different. I especially liked Matt Anderson but he was more of an opener for JP Cormier. They had equal billing but not equal show time.

Work was exhausting yesterday but I walked around outside in the glorious sunshine for a while and the energy that brought was inspiring. It's back to six days a week on Tuesday so I will need all the energy I can get.

Music: A couple by John Mayer, his popular Waiting On the World To Change and Love Song For No One.

Link: A way to hear new music, not quite like Pandora but kind of neat.....Musicovery


Kayla said...

I really like Matt Anderson's Guitar playing too...He also happens to be my friends Emily's cousin!!

Cuidado said...

That's so cool. I saw him in Feb and wanted to see more but he was sold out in everything we tried to get into. He is a great fingerpicker but what I love about him is that he has so much soul. Just whew!!!

Brody said...

Care I always really enjoy your pictures and they end up as desktop wall paper on my computer. It's really nice to have them way up here. They remind me of home and all the good things that come with the good old red soil! Thanks


Cuidado said...

You are very welcome,Bro. I'm glad to know someone is reading and really glad to get comments.

Anonymous said...

LOL,I read every day.

Cuidado said...

And I'm glad about that, Stephen.