Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Sites to Peruse

With my love of ducks, you know I love this photo. This is probably a bad thing but I'm using a photo and can not remember from what website I got it. I know I should credit it but I didn't write it down and with my note-taking way, if it doesn't make it on to a note, it is unlikely to stay in this menopausal brain.

I've just had to put Clarke ouside so that I can get some peace. He wants attention and has been jumping up here and knocking said notes and papers to the floor. He's been walking on the keyboard, trying to knock my camera to the floor, and pulling all of the pencils out of the pencil dish. I closed the study door on him twice but he kept meowing and scratching at the door so now he's out in the rain. He gets matted from the rain so this afternoon I will be cutting mats out of his fur. Oh, for a few minutes peace in which to blog!

I wanted to mention that I added two links a few days ago. Growabrain is a daily listing of several cool sites or articles. The blog a day link that I've had up for a while is just one page of Growabrain's huge website. Check out his/her links section.....whew!

Another blog that checks out and features cool websites each day is Spy's Spice. More art oriented websites are featured here and I've been introduced to many new artists through "The Spy".

Looked outside and it is really raining so I let Clarke inside. He's not come into the study yet snd is probably off licking himself dry.

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xenmate said...

Cuidado, many thanks for the link. It's an honour to feature in your excellent blog.